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 Axel Gembe sleeps with Team GabeN for the 1st time

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PostSubject: Axel Gembe sleeps with Team GabeN for the 1st time   Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:16 pm

[+Ago]: Blake: http://ago.bastart.eu.org/cgi-bin/blog.cgi <-- Either I am Ago or I hacked his site Wink
[+pawnstick]: there's nothing
[~Essel]: http://www.myg0t.com/images/misc/axelg-ago.jpg ?
[+Ago]: lol... i dont look like that Wink
[&Blake]: or you just made the site
[&Blake]: I find it rather crazy that you could be the real ago, the guy I worship everytime i run the leak
[~Essel]: Going to need some more proof or something.
[&Blake]: you come and find ME
[&Blake]: not the other way around
[+pawnstick]: so what you're saying is ago is the 'anonymous'
[+pawnstick]: leaker
[&Blake]: yeah
[&Blake]: anon
[~Essel]: COD4?
[+pawnstick]: who was jailed by the german police
[&Blake]: waiting for your faggot ass, kevin
[~Essel]: Osama Bin Leaker, lol.
[&Junk]: http://www.myg0t.com/images/misc/axelg-ago.jpg
[&Junk]: thats axel g?
[&Blake]: obviously not
[~Essel]: Junk, COD4 time.
[&Junk]: Axel G sounds like the name of a bad guy you'd find in a beat-em-up game
[&Blake]: k, cod4 now, axelg/ago/osamabinleaker later
[&Junk]: ok starting it up
[~Essel]: Yeah
[~Essel]: Idle here for a while Ago, we'll be back.
[+Ago]: Essel: maybe i can scan some papers from the lawsuit later Wink
[+pawnstick]: Gembe later contacted Newell through e-mail (also providing an unreleased document planning the E3 events).
[+Ago]: yea, that conversation was funny
[+pawnstick]: you would supposedly have this letter
[+Ago]: yes, i do
[&ScarT^]: Hook me up
[+Ago]: ill scan it later
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[+Ago]: i dont even know where my scanner is right now
[&ScarT^]: Okay, coolio
[+pawnstick]: what now
[+pawnstick]: it's not like you stole paper
[&ScarT^]: Haha
[+pawnstick]: isn't it just like a PDF file
[&ScarT^]: The printer has been invented!
[&Junk]: oh shit one sec getting my headset out
[+Ago]: no, i have many big ass folders....
[+Ago]: the whole court documents had to be wheeled into the courtroom
[+Ago]: damn cops took all my stuff
[+Ago]: except hl1 goldsrc.... i still have that somewhere
[+pawnstick]: what
[+pawnstick]: excuses, excuses, excuses
[&ScarT^]: Including the engine src?
[&ScarT^]: I'm gonna go ahead and take that as a no
[+Ago]: well, yes Wink
[&ScarT^]: The HL1 Goldsrc can be found on Valve's ftp
[+Ago]: full cs 1.5 without steam
[&ScarT^]: I see
[+Ago]: ScarT^: i know Wink
[&ScarT^]: :P
[&ScarT^]: If you find it, let me know will you Smile?
[+Ago]: i once hacked a steam server shortly after the leak, only to find a warez ftp server on there and the goldsrc
[+Ago]: i know where i have it, but im not quite sure what the password is
[+Ago]: it was some simpsons quote, i think
[+Ago]: i found the scanner
[+Ago]: gonna scan some docs no
[+Ago]: w
[&ScarT^]: Making some food now
[&ScarT^]: Guess I should clean the floor in the kitchen soon, considering it's still full of beer and broken glass
[+pawnstick]: get back on normal behave
[+Lamp]: http://www.sentinel3.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=807#p807
[+Lamp]: Grigori's gonna come to your house and rape you with a broomstick, if you call him a boy
[+Marsek]: Hey lamp, I'll come to your username and ban it if you mock the admin here.
[+Marsek]: Nothing wrong with griggs.
[+pawnstick]: BAN HIM
[+Lamp]: Didn't say anything is wrong with him
[+pawnstick]: FUCKIN BAN HIM
[+Lamp]: and Grigori's not the admin of this chat room
[+Marsek]: No reason to insult him.
[+Lamp]: I wasn't insulting him, I was simply saying what I think Grigori will do if we call him a boy
[&ScarT^]: I'
[&ScarT^]: m insulted!
[+Marsek]: mm
[&Junk]: great, we have nanny marsek to keep an eye on us bad boys
[&Blake]: no we don't
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::: This (*!*@*.norf.east.verizon.net) ban affects: (Marsek)
::: Kick: (Marsek) was kicked by (Blake) Blake
[&Junk]: ^_^
[+pawnstick]: OH MAN UR BAND
[&ScarT^]: ^__________-^
[&ScarT^]: He'll probably ban you now
[&Blake]: marsrek No such nick/channel
[&ScarT^]: Oh by the way guyz!
[&Blake]: oh well
[&Blake]: sup
[&ScarT^]: I drove raynorpat out of THE community!
[&Blake]: i know
[&Blake]: you're an asshole
[+pawnstick]: UFAG
[&ScarT^]: I didn't Sad
[&Blake]: and you alienated him
[&ScarT^]: I read it in the log you sent
[&Blake]: /joke
[&Junk]: its not our fault we're better than everyone else
[&ScarT^]: I sent a pm to Maersk asking what I did
[&ScarT^]: No reply
[~Essel]: Back.
[&Blake]: It's MY fault
[&Blake]: too bad kevin
[&Blake]: 'nother cig
[~Essel]: Got a party up, though?
[&Blake]: yeah, one sec
[&Junk]: we're just sitting here
[&ScarT^]: Being an Internet Detective is awesome
[&Blake]: http://halflife2.xphpbb.com/viewtopic.php?p=6728#6728
[&ScarT^]: Guess we should dig up some old logs of Maersk flaming Grigori
[&ScarT^]: I'm sure it exists somewhere
[&ScarT^]: Internet Detective ScarT^ will get on it eventually!
[&Blake]: I've got all my logs since like...
[&Blake]: Installed On: Tuesday, September 4 2007
[&Blake]: and probably some before that
[&ScarT^]: Oh
[&ScarT^]: And I almost just shat myself
[&ScarT^]: brb
[&Blake]: ew?
[&Blake]: k, COD4, BITCHES
[&ScarT^]: Sad
[&Blake]: COD4
[&Blake]: COD4
[&Blake]: COD4
[&Blake]: COD4
[&Blake]: COD4
[&ScarT^]: Programming time I guess
[&Blake]: ScarT^ HOP ON
[&Blake]: GET COD4 AND A 360
[&ScarT^]: Gayass Internet probably blocks it from accessing the net
[&ScarT^]: Wouldn't surprise me
[&ScarT^]: Anyway
[&ScarT^]: Taking a dump
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[&ScarT^]: Think I'll take a shower now
[&ScarT^]: Just out of boredom
[+Lamp]: Take a shower upside down
[+Lamp]: Just for fun
[&ScarT^]: Will do
[+Lamp]: I'm gonna go play TF2
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[+Ago]: ok, i scanned 51 documents.... damn that shit took me more than an hour ...
[+Ago]: gonna upload it somewhere now...
[+pawnstick]: http://img.hexxeh.net/
[+pawnstick]: wait I don't think that works
[+pawnstick]: ...or it does.
[+Ago]: i have good servers Wink
[+Ago]: im just scping it to one
[~Essel]: PM to me/the team and whatever.
[&ScarT^]: I just realized something while I was in the shower!
[+Ago]: that you accidentially turned on the cold water ?
[&ScarT^]: Nop
[+pawnstick]: cliffhangerz
[&ScarT^]: Well
[&ScarT^]: Maxunit threatened us with legal shit and reporting us to Valve for something we didn't do
::: Quit: (BosmouZ) (~BosmouZ@2C82C5BD.EAFAAD9A.691DEC92.IP) (Ping timeout)
[&ScarT^]: But I doubt reporting us to the original copyright holder of most of the content on his FTP is such a good idea
[+Ago]: did valve ever send a c&d to you guys ?
[&ScarT^]: Nope
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[&ScarT^]: Anyone here with a program installed that can resize an animated GIF?
[+pawnstick]: me
[&ScarT^]: http://halflife2.xphpbb.com/images/smiles/icon_rolleyes.gif
[&ScarT^]: Resize pl+x
::: (Ago)/(~Ago@P2PNET-72563511.dip.t-dialin.net) opened a query with you: http://halloserv.de/~ago/valvestuff.rar
[&ScarT^]: 500x500 is just fine :p
[+pawnstick]: http://teamdarry.org/images/icon_rolleyes.gif
[&ScarT^]: Thanks Ago
[&ScarT^]: And thanks pawnstick :P
[&ScarT^]: lol
[&ScarT^]: Thirteen computers infected
[&Junk]: oh no i hope maxunit doesnt tell the police on us
[+Ago]: i once had a 50k botnet... the server couldn't hold more Wink
[+Ago]: thats when i started coding peer2peer into the bot...
[+Ago]: http://www.secureworks.com/research/threats/phatbot/
[+Ago]: http://wiki.bastart.eu.org/Agobot_Info
[&ScarT^]: Do you still have the e3 final.rtf file Smile?
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[+Ago]: no, i don't ... cops took everything
[&ScarT^]: Bah that sucks
[+Ago]: but it was basically a rough draft of the e3 speech that gabe gave
[&ScarT^]: I see
[&Junk]: so wait what are these documents
[&ScarT^]: FBI docs and communications between Ago and Gabe Smile
[&ScarT^]: And Alfred Reynolds description of an interview
[&ScarT^]: to the FBI
[+Ago]: well, those arent all i have Wink but damn, scanning takes time
[&Junk]: wait, is ago...
[+Ago]: i need some batch scanner Wink
[+Ago]: ya
[~Essel]: Ago, Axel G? Yeah.
[&Junk]: no fuckin way
[&Junk]: in the flesh?
[&ScarT^]: Documents seems legit
[+Ago]: no im all digital and stuff
[&Junk]: if thats true, it's an honor to have you with us
[&ScarT^]: At least faking this would be pointless as hell
[&Blake]: and with what i've seen, an extreme pain in the ass
[+Ago]: i know :\ the whole thing was a bit of a fuckup
[+Ago]: a bit is an understatement
[&ScarT^]: doc23
[&ScarT^]: Is that you Very Happy?
[+Ago]: yea, but that is like the worst photo in low res Wink
[&Junk]: i wanna see!
[&ScarT^]: Haha yeah
[&Blake]: I'm gonna steal your photo for my forum avatar
[&Junk]: bastard i was gonna do that
[+Ago]: check out here for pics: http://wiki.bastart.eu.org/Ago:Bilder
[~Essel]: Let's try to keep these docs to ourselves (Within GabeN).
[&Junk]: yeah no shit
[&ScarT^]: lol
[&ScarT^]: Distributing this would be stupid as hell
[&Junk]: HAW
[&ScarT^]: Seeing as it's probably illegal etc.
[+Ago]: yea, don't make it public public
[+Ago]: like i did
[+Ago]: Wink
[&Blake]: so myg0t leaked all the shit?
[+Ago]: well
[+Ago]: they leaked the source
[+Ago]: but im bin leaker
[~Essel]: Check your PM.
[&Blake]: so how'd they get source? from you?
[&Junk]: is there anything you didnt release?
[~Essel]: It's gone now, Junk.
[~Essel]: He had TF2.
[&Junk]: hmm
[&Junk]: damn
[&Blake]: I always thought myg0t were just taking the rap to act cool
[&ScarT^]: Yeah so did I
[&Blake]: but i know there are some pretty smart guys in myg0t
[&Junk]: how much of TF2 was complete?
[&ScarT^]: 15% probably ;D
[~Essel]: He said the version he had wasn't.
[~Essel]: 15% of textures etc.
[+pawnstick]: could you move around
[~Essel]: But he didn't check all the branches for a better one.
[&Blake]: nevermind, i read the shit
[&ScarT^]: Haha
[+Ago]: well, i gave the source to sourcex.... and he gave it to someone else who thought it was meant for public consumption
[+Ago]: Wink
[&ScarT^]: lol
[+pawnstick]: sourcex?
[+Ago]: he uploaded it to bt and damn, that was a funny day Wink
[&Blake]: sourcex = myg0t leader
[&ScarT^]: Read up on history pawnstick
[+Ago]: yea
[+pawnstick]: oh
[+Ago]: in my life i was on the slashdot frontpage > 6 times with something i did Wink
[&Blake]: lol
[&ScarT^]: Gotta read through this properly sometime :P
[+pawnstick]: too bad the FBI took yo shit
[+Ago]: the fbi did nothing, although they would have like to Wink
[&ScarT^]: German Police took it
[+Ago]: damn, im still glad i didn't have to meet bubba
[&ScarT^]: lol Very Happy
[+Ago]: yeah, its probably still in some "asservatenkammer"
[&Junk]: so i heard rumors that you made some changes to hl2 when valve wasnt looking
[&Junk]: is that true?
[+Ago]: yes
[~Essel]: Never heard that before.
[&Junk]: what did you do?
[+Ago]: i fixed some dx bug i had with my geforce2
[&Junk]: essel, someone posted a big "history of hl2 leak" on grigs
[+Lamp]: lol
[&Junk]: haha
[+pawnstick]: valve should be happy not mad
[&Blake]: New Avatar For GabeN Members: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/8808/doc23ca6.png
[~Essel]: I wonder, was it the shader fucking up problem?
[&Junk]: haha
[~Essel]: Required for all members plz.
[+pawnstick]: Team AxelG
[+Ago]: well, i think they really were mad at first, but didnt care so much afterwards
[&Blake]: That is your God.
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[+pawnstick]: Team GabeN is a cult
[+pawnstick]: worshiping Ago
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[+Lamp]: Sacrificing goats and shit
[&ScarT^]: Goatse you say?
[+Lamp]: Sure, why not
[&ScarT^]: Ago you wouldn't happen to know who "SupraFiend" is?
[+Ago]: not really
[&ScarT^]: Dang
[~Essel]: Oh
[~Essel]: Why did you have/give out such an out of date src?
[~Essel]: I mean it had updated mdl versions and shit in the binary release.
[&ScarT^]: Because he knew I would come around with my awesomeness
[&ScarT^]: Rewriting v37 and shit
[&Blake]: http://halflife2.xphpbb.com/viewtopic.php?p=6745#6745
[+Ago]: the version i gave out was really the trunk they had in perforce
[+Ago]: they must have built binaries from various branches
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[&Red_Katana]: I has news
[+pawnstick]: was there any really old builds
[~Essel]: Nothing bigger than ours.
[&ScarT^]: Nobody cares about your new Red_Katana
[&Blake]: we has better news
[&ScarT^]: lol
[&ScarT^]: By the way
[&Junk]: we got numero uno in here
[&Red_Katana]: the moment I got one, Maesrk got on
[&Red_Katana]: VidiVici - Cause I'm colorblind... Three way tradgedy says:
[+pawnstick]: our god
[&ScarT^]: You only downloaded one copy of HL2 right?
[&Red_Katana]: Katana.
[&Red_Katana]: VidiVici - Cause I'm colorblind... Three way tradgedy says:
[&Red_Katana]: To side with those bastards is ridiculous
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: huh?
[&Red_Katana]: VidiVici - Cause I'm colorblind... Three way tradgedy says:
[&Red_Katana]: Gaben.
[~Essel]: Shh
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: whatchoo talkin bout?1
[&Blake]: just stop
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: bah, their my team
[&Blake]: stop
[&Red_Katana]: VidiVici - Cause I'm colorblind... Three way tradgedy says:
[&Blake]: stop
[&Red_Katana]: I didn't stage that damn thing
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[+Ago]: pawnstick: there were so many builds i didn't have time to check em
[&Red_Katana]: this whole forum dilemma is just stupid
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: I don't really care
[~Essel]: Shh
[&Red_Katana]: VidiVici - Cause I'm colorblind... Three way tradgedy says:
[~Essel]: Shh
[~Essel]: Shh
[~Essel]: Shh
[&Red_Katana]: And to believe that I did is beyond belief.
[&Red_Katana]: VidiVici - Cause I'm colorblind... Three way tradgedy says:
[&ScarT^]: So only one was leaked?
[&Red_Katana]: At that point it's lunacy.
[+Ago]: they had > 100 branches
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: doesn't matter who "hacked" it
[+pawnstick]: FUCK OFF Red_Katana WE HAVE AXEL G HERE
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: not to me at least
[&Red_Katana]: VidiVici - Cause I'm colorblind... Three way tradgedy says:
[&Red_Katana]: Then tell your team, to back down, and to stop arguing a false point
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: Grig's isnt' the only place on the internet
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: I will, but I doubt they'll listen
[&Red_Katana]: Red Katana says:
[&Red_Katana]: but I will tell them
[~Essel]: !kb Red_Katana
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::: Kick: (Red_Katana) was kicked by (TehPwner) Requested (Essel)
[+Ago]: ScarT^: yes, the one that was their main trunk
[&ScarT^]: Okay
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[+Ago]: what i always though was funny was that alfred always knew they had a hacker in the network
[+Ago]: he cleaned my stuff off of a few linux boxes
[&ScarT^]: lol
[+Ago]: i always had other ones at my disposal though
[+Ago]: and that damn sourcesafe
[~Essel]: Lol
[+Ago]: thats like the worst version control ever
[+Ago]: and they speed really suxx
[~Essel]: You coded shit.
[&Junk]: $250,000,000 ??
[+Ago]: i had to code my own sourcesafe client to locally check the md5sums to determine which files to update and tranfer them over a socket
[&Junk]: how did they come up wtih that number
[+Ago]: exagregated
[&ScarT^]: Indeed it is
[+Ago]: maybe lost revenues on engine licensing ?
[+Ago]: because other peoples stole their source Wink
[&Blake]: lol
[+Ago]: i remember talking to the rws guys
[&ScarT^]: Well nobody used it ;D
[+Ago]: the postal guys
[&ScarT^]: lol?
[+Ago]: they had the hl2 source way before ti was on the internet
[&ScarT^]: They actually used the leaked source?
[&ScarT^]: Ah
[+Ago]: well, they learnt a bit from it
[+pawnstick]: that's what postal 3 is built on, the more you know!
[+Ago]: those guys are really cool
[~Essel]: I wonder if the Bloodlines guys checked it out.
[+Ago]: they were like "no way you have hl2" and then i threw together a 60 mb version of kleiners lab and they were stunned Wink
[+Ago]: it had much stuff missing though
[~Essel]: Lol
[+Ago]: they still wanted me to work for them in their uk offices
[&Junk]: haha rws
[+Ago]: but i dunny if i even could travel there without the cia busting my ass
[&Junk]: i used to hang out in their channel
[&ScarT^]: Any chance you could drop by the network again, and grab me an updated copy of the source tree Very Happy?
[~Essel]: Hahaha
[&Blake]: yeah, i'm sure after a 250 million dollar threat he's roaring to hop back on
[&ScarT^]: Probably like 1 billion dollars by now
[&Blake]: lol
[+pawnstick]: leave a text file called hi and have it go "How's it going Gabe? -Your friend"
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[&Junk]: good thinking
[&Blake]: yep
[&Junk]: so axel, how long have you been aware of us?
[+Ago]: only about a month
[+pawnstick]: Fix with user guide
[+pawnstick]: "If you get stuck, use noclip"
[&ScarT^]: How did you learn about us?
[&ScarT^]: Maxunit?
[+Ago]: pawnstick: last time they left me a msg on their ftp saying "Go away Jackass!" Wink
[+pawnstick]: lol
[&Blake]: lol
[+pawnstick]: makedirhier
[+Ago]: one of my hidden folders was called "hl2roxx" Smile
[+Ago]: and another one "hi_alfred"
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Water-Marine wrote:
Father Grigori wrote:

Well well...Looks like I'm back and one more thing, you guys if you will call me a boy...then you will know what follow....
You're going to insult us?
Over the INTERNET?
I shat brix.
::: Pasting finished after (0.Cool seconds
[&ScarT^]: I fucking lol
[&ScarT^]: 'd
::: Quit: (helterSkElter) (~john@P2PNET-3AB29B48.wi.res.rr.com) (Quit:)
[&Blake]: who lives in wisconsin?
[&Blake]: could that be popbob?
[&ScarT^]: He was in New York
[&Blake]: hmm
[&Blake]: jman?
[&ScarT^]: UK
[&Blake]: wisconsin sounds really familiar
: &Junk shrugs
[&ScarT^]: 34587 [&Blake]: (18:01) `°´ (ben5015se,~ben5015se@ARGIRC-19A34297.wi.res.rr.com, has just entered #arg-irc.))
[&ScarT^]: Wasn't him though
[&Blake]: how do you know?
[&ScarT^]: Oh wait
[&ScarT^]: Different network
[&ScarT^]: Could be then
[&Blake]: yeah
[&ScarT^]: Dunno
[&Blake]: probably is
[&ScarT^]: Got a log on my other computer that'll tell if it is
[&Blake]: good detective work, ScarT^
[&ScarT^]: Reminds me
[&ScarT^]: I should take a look at that tax shit sometime
[&ScarT^]: Thankz!
[&ScarT^]: Being an Internet Detective is just so fucking awesome!
[&ScarT^]: I should write a post on my blog about it!
[+pawnstick]: obviously
[&Blake]: As a side note, there is belief that GEMBE may be the son of a German Magistrate Judge. This has not been confirmed.
[&ScarT^]: lol
[+Ago]: lol
[+Ago]: thats soooo untrue
[+pawnstick]: stoned hackers
::: Day changed to (Wednesday, January 16th 2008).
Session Time: Wed Jan 16 00:00:00 2008
[&ScarT^]: So cdlink is turning 16 today
[&Blake]: Care-O-Meter: 0%
[&ScarT^]: Haha
[&ScarT^]: Baconly
[&Blake]: he got a happy birthday kickban
[&ScarT^]: Gave me a great idea!
[&ScarT^]: With or without timestamp?
[&Blake]: dunno?
::: Quit: (Lamp) (~bjarnimar@P2PNET-9E4C0C0D.du.xdsl.is) (Ping timeout)
[&ScarT^]: Without then
[&Blake]: shit
[&ScarT^]: Can't wait till someone posts something so I can use this
[&ScarT^]: http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/8531/careometerbu4.png
[&Blake]: hmm
[&ScarT^]: Going to be epic
[&ScarT^]: lolol
[&Blake]: lmao
[&ScarT^]: Oh hai guyz! I'm cdlink (or his brother
[&ScarT^]: http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/5507/dsc00093yx0in4.jpg
[&Blake]: tiny picture is small
[&ScarT^]: Yeah what the fuck is up with that
[+Ago]: im off to bed now, see you guys tomorrow
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Axel Gembe sleeps with Team GabeN for the 1st time
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